National Breast Cancer Coalition

woman with bannerThe WBCC is an organizational member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC), whose mission is to “eradicate breast cancer through action and advocacy.”  There are hundreds of member organizations and tens of thousands individual members in the NBCC.

NBCC is not the parent organization of the WBCC; we are wholly separate organizations. Historically, we have always supported the mission and methods of NBCC, and we generally follow its lead at the national level. Because we have similar missions, we have many members in common. Yet, each year, the WBCC Board of Directors votes on whether or not to support and pursue the legislative priorities set forth by NBCC. On the state level, we support NBCC’s educational initiatives as our funding and human resources allow.

From 2009-2013, the WBCC was honored to be elected to a seat on the NBCC Board of Directors. The current Wisconsin field coordinator is Kathleen Harris, who also is the chair of the WBCC Policy Committee. The field coordinator serves as the primary point of contact for NBCC in Wisconsin. The field coordinator also recommends regional “team leaders” to NBCC for specialized training in the policy priorities of the NBCC. WBCC has three current team leaders among its board and committee volunteers. A number of former team leaders continue to be active with WBCC as well.

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