WisconsinMade.com Donates Proceeds

WisconsinMade state-script-LWisconsinmade.com Campaign Benefits WBCC


MADISON, WI (8/19/16) – Wisconsinmade.com, an online food and gift store, is donating a percent of their online website sales from October 11, 2016 to October 31, 2016 to support the fight against breast cancer.  The donation will be shared between two organizations: the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition and Breast Cancer Recovery. “This is Wisconsinmade.com ‘s 16th year of donating a portion of sales during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I’m proud to offer shoppers an easy way to support breast cancer research, advocacy, and recovery,” said Linda Remeschatis, Wisconsinmade.com owner and breast cancer survivor.

About Wisconsinmade.com:

The web-store showcases over 2,000 products made with pride and passion by more than 200 Wisconsin artisans. Wisconsinmade.com receives national attention for the regional-specialty foods it delivers, such as the championship Wisconsin cheeses, gourmet meats, cranberries, maple syrup, and more. Also featured are books written by Wisconsin authors, crafts created by Wisconsin artisans, Wisconsin-sports memorabilia, and Wisconsin themed gift baskets.  During October, the online gift store features a special selection of pink ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness gifts including cookies, Kringles, jewelry and more. Visit Wisconsinmade.com for an easy and convenient shopping experience.

For the full news release, click here:  WisconsinMade BC Awareness Press Release 2016 (002)