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What Your Donation Dollars Can Do


“After my mom passed away, I found peace and felt empowered by volunteering for the WBCC. Unless you’ve been touched by breast cancer first hand, many people don’t realize how vulnerable families are to insurance companies and hospital bills. The WBCC fills a need for advocacy of all those affected by breast cancer.” ~ Katie Corcoran

The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition is one of the oldest breast cancer organizations in the state, focusing on policy issues and education. Policy is where the experiences of individual breast cancer survivors intersect with the common good. It is where the WBCC has been effective for more than 20 years, filling a niche that complements the work of other breast cancer organizations. Awareness of breast cancer has increased, but mortality rates have, unfortunately, remained too high in Wisconsin and the nation. Therefore, the WBCC focuses on legislation, education, and collaboration to make an impact. We educate the people of Wisconsin – with special attention to those who create policies and guidelines –  about breast cancer facts and about what the community needs.

Each area of our work could be strengthened by your support:

General Operating Support

Like most non-profit organizations, we work hard to fulfill our mission on a very tight budget. We are proud of our strong programming, but we also need funding to keep the lights on, put gas in the car, and to pay our small staff. One of the most important ways to help us do our good work is to invest in us with unrestricted gifts. With your support, we can do so much more.


Support our “State Advocacy Day”: suggested contribution $100

The WBCC organizes an advocacy day annually at the state capitol in Madison in the spring. Your donation helps us provide training and educational materials for participants and legislators.

Volunteer Scholarship Fund: suggested contribution $500

The WBCC supports the policy priorities of the National Breast Cancer Coalition and other national organizations and sends volunteers to summits and research conferences around the country annually.  These powerhouse events train advocates on policy issues at the national level and present the latest in breast cancer science. Your donation helps us provide a scholarship to an interested Wisconsin volunteer. Total trip costs including registration, travel and hotel typically run about $2500-3000.

Advocacy 101: Beyond the Pink Ribbon©: $500

The WBCC trains ordinary people who want to become advocates how to stand up and speak out to legislators and others in positions of power. Learn how to be effective in communications to decision-makers, where to find support, and insider tips that help you get heard.


Educational outreach programs: $500-$2500/event

Informed by the cutting-edge research of the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program (BCERP), WBCC continues its community partnership activities by bringing top-notch researchers to Wisconsin for Speaker Forums. We also offer teams of speakers on topics such as “Breast Cancer and the Environment,” and “Your Daughter and Breast Cancer,” who can speak to your organization or group about issues of prevention and how to protect young girls.

Spanish/Hmong translation/printing of our award-winning booklet: $1000-$2500 each language

The WBCC developed and distributes an award-winning booklet: “Should I Consider a Clinical Trial”, in its second printing, provided free to area health care centers. We would like to make this available to clinics that service Spanish and Hmong populations.

Educational outreach printed materials: $75 provides 100 color copies

WBCC distributes pamphlets, brochures and other materials statewide, for itself and its collaborative partners, ranging from information for healthcare providers to tips on how to reduce breast cancer risk.


Program partnerships: suggested contribution $500

WBCC is building partnerships with organizations in Wisconsin and neighboring states on issues such as access to healthcare, obesity, and breast cancer mortality disparities. Your donation helps us contribute to co-sponsored speaker panels, breast cancer information events, and strategic initiatives.

Thank you for your support!