Get Involved

State Advocacy Day

“Today was empowering, and a lot was accomplished with both parties.”

∼ Dana Johnsongroup-state-advo

Educational Outreach

“Very good info, giving great insight on issues/causes of breast cancer. Showing projects/studies to make it personal.”

∼ Anonymous participant

“I loved all of the info. It’s clear they are passionate about what they do and I plan to get more involved and share their info with people that I know.”

∼ Anonymous participant

Rare Chair Affair Survivor Artists

“My name is Dana Stewart and I did the Rare Chair event twice.  Both times were AMAZING experiences!!  So many of my friends have also done the event.  When I was first asked, I thought to myself, can I paint anything, let alone a chair? It blew my mind how the creativity flowed.  I love both of my chairs and almost didn’t want to give them up :)”

∼ Dana Stewart

“I wanted to be a Survivor Artist because I enjoyed being around so much hope – real people who were having fun and living life … The people who are the least confident about their ability to create end up surprising themselves.”

∼ Jane Moore