Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program

logo_bcerpWBCC’s commitment to understanding environmental links to breast cancer is long standing. We were proud to serve as a Community Partner (CP) on this program from 2010-2015. While our formal partnership has ended, we remain committed to bringing BCERP findings to the people of Wisconsin.

“BCERP is a joint effort co-funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), is the next phase of a program that began with the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers (BCERC) in 2003. The BCERP supports a multidisciplinary network of scientists, clinicians,  and community partners to examine the effects of environmental exposures that may predispose a woman to breast cancer throughout her life.  The network engages both laboratory  and population-based research to  study puberty and other “windows of susceptibility” or specific time periods when  the developing breast may be more vulnerable to environmental exposures.”

Community Partners work with researchers to develop public health messages based on research outcomes and help disseminate materials that are meant to help people make healthy choices that could reduce the lifetime risk of breast cancer.

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