We believe that we are stronger when we join forces with others to move forward our policy and educational priorities where it makes sense. We collaborate with many other organizations with similar interests in ending breast cancer and all cancers, in supporting women’s health, and in educating the public about breast cancer prevention and treatment. Below are recent items of interest from our friends.


Bosom Buddy Run & Walk 2016

Support the Cedarburg Junior Women’s Club as they raise money for local breast cancer organizations on April 16th, 2016.

Bosom Buddy Run & Walk 2016


Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health


The WAWH is hiring for a PATCH Program Implementation Manager.



Request for Action

Jan 14, 2016


On the heels of Governor John Bel Edwards making Louisiana the 31st State to expand Medicaid, and ahead of the President’s town hall discussion in Baton Rouge tomorrow, I wanted to be sure you saw the attached blog that will post at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow detailing that the President’s Budget for 2017 proposes to allow any State expanding Medicaid to access three calendar years of 100 percent Federal funding for the cost of the newly eligible population, irrespective of when it expands.  While this will require Congressional action to be enacted, it’s an important step for those that could benefit from Medicaid expansion that live in a state that has not expanded yet.

Medicaid expansion is a clear win for States’ residents and their economies—particularly since the Federal Government will never provide less than 90 percent of the cost of covering the expansion group.  This proposal is about equity: giving States that have not yet taken this option an extra incentive by providing them the same full Federal support for three years that States that expanded coverage in 2014 had. It is also about the millions of Americans who currently don’t have access to health care in States that haven’t expanded Medicaid. In fact, with Louisiana expanding Medicaid, more than 50 percent of those estimated to gain coverage from Medicaid expansion live in states that have done so – 4.4 million people.

We hope you will raise your voices to highlight the impact expanding Medicaid could have on the lives of people across the country, including during tomorrow’s #AskPOTUS Q&A on Twitter from Baton Rouge! See below.  

Please let me know if you have any questions, and if your organization releases a statement (or decides to amplify on social media), please send it my way.


Bess Evans
Associate Director and Senior Policy Advisor
White House Office of Public Engagement
White House Domestic Policy Council

01.14.16 EMBARGOED WH blog post_Medicaid Budget Proposal

Expressive Writing Group through Small Stones
Healing Words: Writing Through your Cancer Journey

Tuesdays, March 1 – 29
Location Froedtert Cancer Center
Please call Marloe with any questions – 414-805-0882

The group is open to anyone who has or has had cancer, and the first group will be a 5-week commitment.  The benefits of expressive writing in a group setting has been supported in literature, as it gives people a place to share what they may not be able to with friends/family, as well as have their experiences and feelings validated and affirmed by those who are in similar circumstances.  The 5-week commitment will help participants get to know one another and feel comfortable sharing in a group setting.  In the future, if the commitment is hard for people to keep, we might consider switching to drop-in sessions once or twice a month.

ANYONE is welcome – including and especially people who don’t think they are “writers.”  It’s more about exploring and clarifying the cancer experience rather than creating “proper” written pieces!