We believe that we are stronger when we join forces with others to move forward our policy and educational priorities where it makes sense. We collaborate with many other organizations with similar interests in ending breast cancer and all cancers, in supporting women’s health, and in educating the public about breast cancer prevention and treatment. Below are recent items of interest.

Wisconsin Breast Cancer Task Force Coalitions in Action

Genentech, a biotechnology business, has selected Milwaukee as one of two cities in which to expand a successful breast cancer screening outreach program this fall. Working with the Breast Cancer Task Force through its Coalitions in Action committee, Genentech’s “SisterPact” program will be brought into specific neighborhoods in Milwaukee notable for high breast cancer mortality disparities for African American women. Genentech developed and piloted this successful targeted campaign in Memphis, TN, last year, with very positive results.

The WBCC has participated on the Coalitions in Action committee since its inception and has been a long-time active member of the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Task Force. The Coalition was formed to develop a program to use a $50,000 grant from the Susan G. Komen foundation to the Task Force. Grant priorities include: consistent messaging, awareness of resources, and health literacy. Sandra Gines and Carrie Riccobono represent the WBCC on the Coalitions in Action committee. The WBCC supports efforts to address the high mortality disparity rate for African American women in comparison to Caucasian women. Milwaukee has, unfortunately, one of the highest mortality disparity rates in the U.S., and is one of only three cities in which the situation has been getting worse.

The next task for the Coalition in Actions group will be to attract funding for the program. For more information about becoming involved with “SisterPact” in Milwaukee, contact Sarah Mroz,, 608-262-2774.