Marsha Connet


I was invited to be on the WBCC board in 2011 because I had a strong background in healthcare, public relations, and marketing. I also have a very strong belief that every

Marsha Connet

patient deserves to be able to understand and be understood in a medical setting. As the Southeast Regional Consultant for Wisconsin Literacy, I work with hospitals, medical staff and with patients in the area of health literacy. Simply put, that is the ability to read, understand and make decisions based on information given in a medical setting. That responsibility falls not just on the patient, but also on the medical provider. Especially in the case of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, a patient needs to feel in control of the information that is so critical to their health.

As chair of the Communications Committee, I try to bring plain, living room language to the forefront of the information we provide. At times that’s a real challenge, but we’re going to continue to try to make our information easy to understand. From our newsletters to our social media, we strive to present information in as easily understood a manner as possible.

Marsha Connet is a Wisconsin native and has spent most of her life living in Racine. She is a mother and first–time grandmother to 2 ½ year old Zoey. Marsha is an instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College, teaching in their Pre-college Division. Additionally, she is the Regional Consultant for Wisconsin Literacy, serving the Southeastern part of the state. She has a background in public relations and marketing, having owned and operated the Lakeshore Studio for 28 years. She and her daughter, Marissa, own Treasures, an import business that operates pearl jewelry fundraisers for non-profit organizations.

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