About Us



The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition brings passionate Wisconsin voices together to stand up and speak out about breast cancer through:

  • Legislation – Influencing policymaking
  • Education – Spotlighting critical breast cancer issues
  • Collaboration – Empowering through strategic alliances


The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition unifies our collective will to eradicate breast cancer.  We are recognized as the premier state-wide resource on breast cancer policies and research.

WBCC Core Values

Recognizing that all people are important and valuable, the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition believes:

  • Breast cancer is a health crisis for our entire society.
  • All members of society share the costs – emotionally, physically and financially – of breast cancer.
  • Inaccurate perceptions about breast cancer can be changed through education.
  • Appropriate levels of funding for quality breast cancer research are critical.
  • WBCC is the vehicle to unite concerned voices.
  • A COLLECTIVE VOICE in Wisconsin WILL make a difference.